Wystawa: Love + Time International group exhibition
termin wystawy: 5.02 – 18.02.2024 r.
wernisaż wystawy: 07.02.2024 r. godz: 18:00

Fania Kolaiti
An interdisciplinary artist and designer, currently pursuing her Ph.D. at the Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wrocław, Poland, Fania Kolaiti specializes in ceramics while exploring the intersection of artistic and functional values in hybrid objects made of clay materials. Over the recent years, Fania Kolaiti has been working on the topic of life in space and extraterrestrial terrains, seeking sustainable solutions. Her artistic research focuses on environmentally conscious art and design, creating prototypes that not only serve a practical purpose but also pose important questions about the impact of our consumer culture and the Anthropocene. Her work delves into dystopian future scenarios and questions existence within critical sociopolitical utopias. As an advocate for women in art and technology, she chooses to work in fields traditionally dominated by males. Her artistic exploration is not just personal; it aims to create dynamic motivation for women’s participation in the domains of innovation and technology. She supports digital fabrication methods for prototyping framed by eco-friendly attributes. Keen on exploring the potential of ecological materials compatible with 3D printing technology, she is committed to sustainable design practices. The objective of her work is to produce emerging 3D printed objects that will guide design towards nature mindfulness.

In the Anagama kiln, a type of climbing dragon kiln, the particles of ashes adhere on the layered walls
of the vessel creating a light glaze coating.The dunes in the Sahara Desert are in constant move,
restless yet centenarian. Surrendered only to the sublime blue horizon.
An emerging silhouette of a vessel layering the chronicles of seabed explorations and breath
catching Nature’s monuments. An armour in nature can be observed as a protective shell, as an
exoskeleton and as a sanctuary. The 3D printed ceramic object imitates the morphology of the
shell combined with the shape of a body armour. The firing in the anagama wood kiln has
affected delicately the porcelain surface revealing the elegant touches of the white flames.

Saitip Majewska is a Thai artist and a doctoral student who lives in Wrocław, Poland. Her artwork is a connection between mind and body, primarily to heal herself. As an artist, she uses her artistic creations to focus on art psychotherapy, which is interactive and connects people together. She works with tangible senses, especially touching. It is a significant component that can fulfill the perception of humans using a soft and gentle touch. It is a harmony of different techniques and interdisciplinary because of her backgrounds in sculpture, printmaking, and drawing, which she joins together to create her personal art. The concept is specific to the root of culture and represents the Thai-ness identity inside the outside world. Based on the anatomy of humans and nature, such as flowers, plants, or animals, and living lives.

Title: Translucent physique
The relationships between humans, whether familial, friendly, or romantic, create a dynamic that evokes emotions and allows for immersion in society. The atmosphere among people and the personalities of those close to me provide a range of colours that I can perceive. I can see their bodies as transparent containers that are filled with a unique shade of colours.

Małgorzata Goliszewska
Born in 1985. Lives in Szczecin (Stettin), Poland. Educated and working both in contemporary art and documentary film, often combining and mixing these two fields of expression. Graduate of the New Media Faculty at the Academy of Art in Szczecin and the DOK.PRO documentary course at Wajda School in Warsaw.
She exhibited her works in Europe, Asia, USA and Africa. She works with various media:
video, installation, performance, text, audio, drawing. photo: Bartek Wieczorek for Hestia Artistic Journey Foundation

Artist’s Statement
I am interested in expanding the boundaries of the documentary and in working directly with other human beings. Actually, there is not much creation in my work; rather, it is a faithful documentary of life as it is. The events that unfold and the people that I meet are the continuing source of my art. What can be seen subsequently in the gallery is just an aftertaste, a nostalgic effort to recreate moments now gone, an effort doomed to failure as the past can never be recaptured. I believe that there is no need to create art. Art is already present everywhere. One can participate in art at any time. I don’t feel like someone who is creating new worlds. I am
someone who is trying to take part in a world that is already here.

Project title: THE PERFECT DATE
The title is a play of words. The perfect date can occur only when meeting a man born on a perfect, astrologically predicted, date. And this kind of man will be seeked by the protagonist of the film. From one side, this is an authentic experiment, even for the astrologers that are involved and for the protagonist herself. On the other hand, this is a pretext to speak about important contemporary issues: loneliness, dating in the time of dating apps, the expectations that we have towards each other, towards love and relationships, what is love and how the world understands it today. This is also a great way to prove or not the accuracy of astrological predictions. The stakes are high, the protagonist is supported by the President of the Polish Astrological Association – Piotr Piotrowski.

The main protagonist is Małgorzata Goliszewska – the director herself. She opens herself and her intimate life (that she has been documenting since many years) for the viewers. These materials serve her as a way to better understand herself and diagnose the problem, which actually is a problem of thousands of lonely singles around the world.
Goliszewska uses many kinds of support: self-help books, internet relationship coaches, various kinds of therapy, astrological consultation and simply chatting with girlfriend and drinking tea.
Another key part of the film is the protagonist’s relationship with her parents. Their divorce started when she was 7 and it lasted 12 years (there were almost twenty cases in court). The parents really hated each other and had no contact. 29 years after the divorce, they decided to undertake therapy, all three. This is also an important part of the project.
Goliszewska’s work is a mix of video fragments of her ongoing „Perfect date” project as well as a collection of authentic love emails from her previous life.

Architect and designer. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Wrocław University of Technology. She has worked with, among others, SeARCH in Amsterdam, Work AC in New York, Lang Baumann in Switzerland and VROA in Wrocław. Awarded, and a year later honored with the grand prize in the international What’s Bubbling, Kitchen Tools Design Competition in Chicago. For 4 years-designer at Zieta Prozessdesign. Associated with the Kolektyf group in Wrocław.
Co-founder of Studio NO, which deals with temporary architecture, product design and design in the area of public space.www.studiono.pl

The plants among which we live usually accompany us for a long time, during which we become very attached to them. Modifiable HOYA flower pods allow us to create compositions regardless of the size or stage of growth of our plant friends.

It’s a modular flower stand system with adjustable height and width – a kind of Lego-style flower stands collection.
It fits a variety of pot sizes and allows you to combine them at different heights, so you can create unique compositions fitting any interior.
The collection is available in 4 sizes (S/M/L/XL) and 3 materials (raw plywood, white plywood, pine wood).The largest of the elements-movable(sliding)-is intended for heavy and tall flowers such as palms or strelitzias etc.

Laura Adel is an interdisciplinary artist who uses art to question perception and explore new aesthetics. She works with installations, videos and objects basing her creation on organic abstraction, digitality and interaction. Laura’s works were awarded both nationally and internationally. Among other galleries, her abstract movies were exhibited in the Centre of Contemporary Art Laznia in Gdansk or in the National Museum – Four Domes Pavilion in Wroclaw. As part of Urban Screen Production collection her films are being shown across Canada, New Zealand and Australia. She works at the New Media Department at Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw where pursuing a doctorate degree on the subject of immersive installation and interactivity.

– Description
I am crushed by the outside, smoothed by the surroundings, cold as a stone. You portret me with the quantities of yourself. That is me transferred. That is me distorted. But you know, this is just the way things are.

Miruna Gheordunescu
Confession is the art of Miruna’s work. Her projects stem from probing the internal questions she is asking of herself. In her approach, Miruna embodies the fact that everything she is creating revolves around themes of memory, reality, presence and dissonance. Her artistic practice is interdisciplinary and includes photography, installation, printing, sound and video work. Her work evolves through various formats and aesthetics, methodologies and poetics. In the past year, she was focused more on her primordial way of expression through art, performative movement. Her present interest is dance on screen as a hybrid art form where the common denominator in Miruna’s interest is the exploration of cinematic techniques, from hand processing to dramatic narratives, abstract editing and visual juxtapositions.

Also, her creative journey extends beyond the confines of traditional artistic disciplines. Notably, her exploration of artistic expression encompasses the world of music as well. In addition to her diverse visual abilities, Miruna passionately embraces the role of a DJ, regularly performing at clubs and sinking herself into the pulsating rhythms of the nightlife scene. Transitioning between the spheres of visual art and music, Miruna demonstrates a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of creative mediums. Her ability to focus her artistic sensibilities on both visual creations and musical performances exemplifies her capacity to grasp the essence of diverse artistic fields.

Artwork description

In this piece, I aim to convey a collective celebration of female love for one’s own body. Not only does my work blend harmoniously with that of my colleagues, but I also find the greatest comfort in sharing my ideas alongside theirs. My temporary pause in life coincided with a broken foot, which unexpectedly provided me with the opportunity to express myself artistically. Now, I can offer you a glimpse into the moments I experienced while confined within the walls of my surroundings. On one occasion, Joy remarked, 'Miruna, perhaps your injury is a hidden blessing.’ I was initially confused by how this could enhance my artistic way, but here I am, sharing a piece of my personal journey through time and recovery.

What I took from this is the notion that welcoming life’s hurdles and employing them as a wellspring of muse is captivating. It implies that artistic expression can function as a conduit for one’s encounters, sentiments, and inner challenges, allowing us to divulge our distinct world to the audience around.

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