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Opening hours:      Tuesday – Sunday 12 pm – 10 pm

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“Sztuka na miejscu” is owned by:

Save The World Real Estates SP. Z O.O.
ul. Łaciarska 4
50-104 Wrocław
NIP: 8992735794

Contact information regarding exhibitions:

In all other matters:

Phone number:
‭+48 535 075 720 

Contact information regarding exhibitions:

In all other matters:

Phone number:
‭+48 576 781 181‬

Our partners:

Department of Culture of the City of Wroclaw

The activities of the “Sztuka na miejscu” Gallery are made possible thanks to the support of the Department of Culture of the City of Wroclaw.

Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Fine Arts

Artistic patronage over the exhibitions organised in the Sztuka na miejscu space was assumed by His Magnificence Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw Prof. Wojciech Pukocz.

Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant

Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant is the home of music. A place where its enthusiasts always feel at home. The club – the only one of its kind in Wroclaw and the entire region, elegant, cozy and open to all – has been prepared with care and thought for every detail. Vertigo Jazz is to be associated with the best in Jazz, in art, in life.

Save The World Real Estates

All of us are concerned about the welfare of the environment. Therefore, in addition to doing business – we try to support the environment, science and art.

Metalowa Stolarnia

Metal Carpentry Shop is a place created by people brought together by their love of wood. New wooden furniture is created there according to the client’s design, and damaged furniture undergoes renovation and is given a new life. The carpentry shop is metal because the industrial style is very close to its creators, they often combine wood with metal. Besides, its founder’s heart beats to strong guitar sounds. Let the beautiful interiors and music accompany us every day.

Pracownia Joanny Miś

Joanna Miś’s studio is a place where the artist presents her work and shares the behind-the-scenes of its creation. Her paintings reflect the small daily delights that accumulate in her process and then need to find an outlet. Her greatest inspiration is nature. She creates very original paintings painted with her own technique, but in the future she also plans to expand her work into other areas of art.

Nature Concept

Nature Concept – a place created by women passionate about nature. A unique studio, creating unique things. Like a photographer who captures moments, the girls preserve nature in glass, so we can have a piece of it close to us. Nature Concept creates unusual plant compositions in glass, changing with the seasons. The idea behind the brand is to make people aware of the good effects of nature on humans.


Mikrobeton is not only a company, but above all a one-of-a-kind place that was created with the idea of creating a gallery with decorative products from the world’s leading manufacturers. The idea was to concentrate the highest quality materials for interior design in one place. The flooring in the art gallery was made by Mikrobeton.


Plenti is an on-demand consumer electronics rental platform available nationwide. In addition to VR equipment, among others, they offer consoles, sports cameras, drones, smartphones, computers, smart home appliances and much more. The entire rental process is done through a convenient mobile app, with instant delivery to your door, without unnecessary contracts, commitments or paperwork.