💃🏻  Flamenco – An extremely moving, emotional and expressive art form that originated in the south of Spain and is an essential part of the culture of the Gypsies of Andalusia. Simply put, Flamenco incorporates the distinctive, melismatic, oriental in its style of singing (cante), the fiery, rhythmic dancing (baile) and the virtuosic guitar playing (toque), It is a blend of many cultures including Arabic, Indian, Spanish, Gypsy and Jewish. While the singer tells the story, the dancer interprets it in his own unique way, acting out an emotional performance. Flamenco guitar – while it traditionally served mainly as an accompaniment, today it is not only the most important, leading instrument during a concert but often the solo instrument as well . The extraordinary emotional message, the universal, authentic transmission of human experience contained in Flamenco moves people’s hearts all over the world, and the extremely difficult technique of singing, dancing and playing the guitar caused Flamenco to be included in UNESCO’s Intangible Heritage List in 2010.

Federico Garcia Lorca described Flamenco in the following words: ” It is deeper than all the wells and seas that surround the world…almost infinite. It crosses the graveyard of years and the ailments of the drying winds. It comes with the first sob and the first kiss.”

The concert will feature leading Artists of the Polish flamenco scene:

Andrzej Lewocki – guitar

Mateo Gallito – vocals, cajon

Anna Mendak – dance

Tickets: https://kicket.com/wydarzenia/wieczor-flamenco-koncert-z-pokazem-tanecznym-21824?eventId=271373

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