🔮Join us for another Magical BINGO! at Sztuka na miejscu!

This evening you will be hosted by Wróżka Klaudiuszka – your friendly neighbourhood fortune teller, who will humorously introduce you to the secrets of the balls of fate, guide you through the paths of lucky numbers and perhaps sell you some good fortune. 

🥳 The presenter will draw balls with numbers, and you will cross them off on specially prepared cards. If you manage to cross out all the numbers in a row, you shout BINGO! and you win. 

🍸Instead of a ticket to the event, buy a cocktail at the bar and you’ll get a card!

Bring your friends, colleagues, family – it’s more fun in a group!

🏆We provide amazing prizes in the form of vouchers and tickets to events at  the Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant and at Sztuka na miejscu, delicious cocktails and time well spent in a beautiful space among art and lights. 

Reservations: kontakt@sztukanamiejscu.art

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