Lights, camera, action! 🎬

We invite you to Sztuka na miejscu for a show of a modern, surprising and avant-garde burlesque! This time we turn to film for our theme. Our three talented performers will present performances inspired by characters from popular movies and TV shows. Will you recognize them all?

Enjoy a champagne evening with us while enjoying spectacular performances, delicious cocktails – all in the modern interior of Sztuka na miejscu. 

Starts of the night: 

💋 Nocturna – Neo-burlesque performer and the biggest fan of Halloween! A long time ago (4 years ago), she decided to start performing burlesque and charm the Polish audience with an alternative approach to this art. Nocturna likes to impersonate characters well-known from pop culture, and her numbers are dazzling and full of twists and turns. She reaches for non-standard solutions, but there is no lack of class in her performances. She is a double winner of the Slavic Burlesque Festival in the “Number Idea” category. For the past four years she has been performing regularly on stages across Poland and abroad.

💋 Ava Afterglow – This is a burlesque performer from Wroclaw and a graduate of Betty Q’s Burlesque Academy. An outstanding creator of costumes and burlesque concepts. Her numbers are inspired by history, art and literature – especially her beloved, decadent 18th century. Theatrical, glamorous, dramatic and expressive – sometimes serious and sometimes with a touch of comedy. She always wraps her performances in beautiful, handmade costumes.

💋 Die Nixe – Burlesque femme fatale, who made her debut at Madame Q in Warsaw in May 2022 at the 19th Burlesque Open Stage, ruthlessly stealing the hearts of the audience. She is fascinated by dark, dominant, seductive, gothic and subcultural atmospheres. Favorite color: black. The inspiration for her nickname is the Germanic demon-siren, tempting and dragging victims underwater.

💋 Our host for the night will be Doris The Diva Doll – A young, revelatory drag queen who on stage mixes red carpet icons along with the gray mass of the city. On a daily basis, she balances between drinking the most expensive champagne and ordering small fries at Mc’driv at 3:00 am. In other words, she’s really a clown in an HAUTE COUTURE dress. 💃🏼🤡🔥


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